Soil Moisture Probes Help Save Water, Fuel, And Fertilizer

High-Tech Soil Probes

Going deep for answers makes irrigation decisions easy!

No wires. No guesswork. Undisturbed installation. Secure with blockchain. Sensors do the hard work.

Soil Sensors

Soil probes are available in four lengths: 12 inches, 24 inches, 36 inches, and 48 inches, with sensors fixed at every 4-inch increment.  

Near real-time data every 4 inches for water, nutrients, salinity and temperature!

Undisturbed Installation

  • Slurry-free installation improves the validity of readings.
  • Low maintenance equipment has a long field life
  • Pre-calibrated sensors provide accurate readings
  • Access near real-time soil profile data to help you make adjustments that will ultimately help you conserve water, fuel, and fertilizer
  • Sensors at every 4 inches of depth
  • Soil moisture, soil salinity, and soil temperature readings give a complete picture of what’s happening in the soil profile.

How It Works

Our probes are easily installed slurry-free in the soil at your farm. The sensors gather data every 30 minutes and transmits it through the cloud every hour.

In the cloud, we compile the analytics and create color-coded charts. Blockchain keeps your information safe and secure.

We report back to you in near real time and give you insights that help you conserve water on your farm while maintaining the best possible crop.

You’re in the field! So we’re mobile, too!

  • Data sent every hour
  • iPhone, Androids, Macs, PCs, Tablets, Laptops
  • Text Alerts
  • Custom Software
  • Blockchain keeps data secure
  • Get the best results nature will permit!
  • Be in the know about the water and nutrients in the Active Root Zone!
  • Our data shows significant yield increases!
  • Track your progress and success!
  • Yield Efficiency Score at the end of every season is unique to your farm!

Blockchain Technology

Keeps track of water and fertilizer usage and sends the corresponding soil data by identifying and making an electronic token for each probe reading.

By tokenizing the data, we are able to provide highly accurate irrigation history, trends, automation, and predictive analysis to farmers and water conservation organizations.

Make an impact! Be part of the social good!

Conserve water, fuel and fertilizer while increasing profits!