BMP Logic named Finalist for Transformation Technology Award

May 13, 2019

ESTERO, Fla. – BMP Logic’s use of emerging technologies and blockchain for the conservation of water in farming communities has earned it a distinction as a technology award finalist this week by the Southwest Florida Regional Technology Partnership (SWFRTP).

“We work for farmers while also helping the social good,” says Doug Crawford, co-founder of BMP Logic. “To be recognized as leaders for our cutting-edge soil moisture probe technology shows us that we are transforming the industry and planet in a positive direction. Farmers and technology go together.

”BMP Logic has been named a finalist for SWFRTP’s Transformation Award, to be presented to a business that highlights the use of technology in government, nonprofit, or companies outside the technology sector to address a business or operational challenge. The other two finalists are Chico’s FAS and NCH Healthcare System.

The issue for many farmers is not having a way to measure the results of their irrigation practices. This leads to overwatering, poor nutrient load, and not the best-of-the-season crop.

BMP Logic’s high-tech soil moisture probes help solve those issues.

Sensors attached to soil moisture probes collect data every 30 minutes and transmit it through the cloud every few hours. Farmers can read the information in near-real time on their phones or tablets every few hours and make decisions they would not be able to make without the technology. In addition to saving water and fertilizer, the technology helps save time and fuel driving around each field to gather readings.

BMP Logic also is taking the extra steps to ensure correct and secure data by having its own white label, custom blockchain software built for the soil moisture probes by Stickboy Creative in Fort Myers.

“Technology and IoT are revolutionizing farming, and it’s really exciting to create a software platform that goes to the root of water and fertilizer conservation,” says Bryant Jackson, head of software development at Stickboy Creative. “Smart farming is one of the most exciting applications of emerging tech in my opinion, and BMP Logic is really going to grow interest with their white label software.

”The awards dinner will be at 6 p.m. on May 16 at the Club at Grandezza in Estero, FL.

SWFRTP is a nonprofit organization dedicated solely to the growth of the technology cluster in Southwest Florida.

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