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BMP Logic - Central Florida Cut Foliage Greens Field Day

April, 2021

Doug Crawford, BMP Logic, Presents Spring/Summer...

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BMP Logic Inc. Grows B2B Market

January, 2021

BMP Logic custom software IRIS lets businesses take their...

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BMP Logic Inc. is an honoree for the GrowFL Top 50 Florida Companies To Watch

November 20, 2020

50 Florida Companies you will want to pay attention to...

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BMP Logic Inc. expands to Delaware, Tennessee & Missouri

October 24, 2019

Agtech Company BMP Logic has expanded to Delaware, Tennessee & Missouri. "While this is new...

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BMP Logic's IRIS software secures Irrigation Data with Blockchain

October 14, 2019

BMP Logic unveiled custom software for farmers that will mean a lot less kicking dirt and more...

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BMP Logic part of Soil Moisture Probe Exhibit at MOSI

May 20, 2019

Soil Moisture Probes are gaining quite a lot of attention! More than 150,000 visitors have been to...

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BMP Logic named finalist for Transformation Technology Award

May 13, 2019

BMP Logic's use of emerging technologies & blockchain for conservation of water in farming...

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Farmers in Florida are Eligible for a State Funded Soil Probe Cost-Share Program

April 8, 2019

With spring planting underway, BMP Logic provides growers with soil probes that are heavily...

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BMP Logic helping farmers conserve Billions of Gallons of Water

April 4, 2019

4,902,491,776 gallons of water. Moisture Soil Probes provided by BMP Logic saved that much...

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BMP Logic co-founder Doug Crawford speaks at Trenton Elementary

March 25, 2019

Doug Crawford, the co-founder of BMP Logic, spoke to 3rd graders recently at Trenton Elementary...

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BMP Logic goes high-tech with New Software for white label Soil Probes

March 15, 2019

Soil Moisture Probes at BMP Logic are getting a whole lot smarter. Agtech company BMP Logic...

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BMP Logic turns to Ignite Partners for Emerging Technologies

February 14, 2019

Agtech company BMP Logic has turned to The Ignite Partners in Fort Myers for market growth...

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Farmer using BMP Logic Soil Probes named Partner of the Year

July 13, 2018

Jackson County farmer & early BMP adopter Craig Bishop was honored yesterday as the...

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