BMP Logic turns to Ignite Partners for Emerging Technologies

February 14, 2019

Agtech company BMP Logic has turned to The Ignite Partners in Fort Myers for market growth and technology intellectual property.

“BMP Logic’s mission of helping growers conserve water aligns with our values and mission to use emerging technologies such as Blockchain and A.I. for social good. We are looking forward to bringing innovation to the industry,” says Felix Lluberes, CEO of The Ignite Partners.

BMP Logic’s blockchain technology keeps track of water and fertilizer usage and sends the corresponding soil data by identifying and making an electronic token for each probe reading. By tokenizing the data, the company also is able to provide highly accurate irrigation history, trends, automation, and predictive analysis to farmers and water conservation organizations. The outcome translates to higher profits for farmers while also helping to conserve water, which is BMP Logic’s company mission.

“We’re excited about our union with The Ignite Partners. This will help us expand territory with growers and help us provide them with software for optimal irrigation and automation,” says Doug Crawford, co-founder of BMP Logic. “For farmers, there’s value with real-time data. A big part of our job is also coaching them through the technology findings and helping them reduce water use and nutrient inputs. It’s our way of helping the greater social good and helping to save the planet.

”Crawford — who grew up on peanut and corn farms — was inspired to be on the forefront of Agtech after his son, Brett Crawford, came home from a Gilchrist Soil & Water Conservation District meeting with the idea of helping farmers through the use of technology. They teamed up with agriculture expert Justin Jones and four years later, BMP Logic has soil probes in six states including Florida and two countries — on farms with 30 different crops.

“The potential with The Ignite Partners is unlimited. The sky’s the limit,” says Jones, co-founder of BMP Logic. “Each partner offers something unique.

”The Ignite Partners works with companies that have already proven market viability and have revenue of at least $1M ARR. The goal is for The Ignite Partners’ portfolio companies to gain optimal market penetration and tech IP creation to maximize the value of the business.

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