BMP Logic part of Soil Moisture Probe Exhibit at MOSI

May 20, 2019

TAMPA, Fla. – Soil moisture probes are gaining quite a lot of attention!

More than 150,000 visitors have been to the Connectus exhibit at the Museum Of Science & Industry (MOSI) in Tampa, according to museum officials.

BMP Logic worked with Verizon and the museum to create the soil moisture probe portion of the exhibit.

“The Moisture Detector exhibit featuring the BMP Logic soil probes is an excellent opportunity to inspire future scientists and engineers with a hands-on demonstration of the Internet of things showcased in MOSI’s Connectus experience,” says Anthony Pelaez, Senior Director of Exhibits and Innovation at MOSI.

Unlike any other science center exhibit in America, Connectus is always being updated and gives visitors a chance to discover how innovators put STEAM skills to use in real life — through interactive display platforms. Each display showcases a different innovative development happening right now in the Tampa Bay region and the nation that is transforming lives.

“MOSI’s visitors are primarily children, so when we were approached by Verizon, we were all in,” says Doug Crawford, co-founder of BMP Logic. “Farmers use STEM skills every day, and the hands-on displays and soil moisture probes at the exhibit are really neat. They did a wonderful job showing how connected farms are to everyone.

”BMP Logic’s soil moisture probes help farmers with overwatering, poor nutrient load, and over-fertilizing.

Sensors attached to soil moisture probes collect data every 30 minutes and transmit it through the cloud every few hours. Farmers can read the information in near-real time on their phones or tablets every few hours and make decisions they would not be able to make without the technology. In addition to saving water and fertilizer, the technology helps save time and fuel driving around each field to gather readings.

BMP Logic’s use of emerging technologies and blockchain for the conservation of water in farming communities has earned it a distinction as a technology award finalist by the Southwest Florida Regional Technology Partnership.

MOSI is at 4801 E Fowler Ave in Tampa. To plan your visit and for more information, please visit

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