BMP Logic expands to Delaware, Tennessee & Missouri

October 24, 2019

TRENTON — Agtech company BMP Logic has expanded to Delaware, Tennessee, and Missouri.

“While this is new territory for us, our soil moisture probes work in any climate and with any crop,” said Doug Crawford, co-founder of BMP Logic in Trenton, FL. “The climate in Delaware is actually very similar to Florida. And their watermelons are just as sweet compared with those here — if you are properly irrigating.

”BMP Logic helps farmers save water, fertilizer, fuel, and time through the use of soil moisture probes and IRIS, its software that is probe agnostic.

Farmers who use the BMP Logic system on average save 57% on water usage and 35% on fertilizer use. The soil probes also encourage the use of less fuel, making them a win for business and the environment, according to Crawford.

Soil moisture probes are easily installed in the ground slurry-free and have sensors attached at different depths so farmers will know if their irrigation is reaching the root zone.

BMP Logic’s custom software (IRIS) is attached to the soil moisture probes to make it easy for farmers to get the soil moisture, soil salinity, and soil temperature data they need in real-time through the cloud. That means growers can make informed decisions from easy-to-read charts on their phones or tablets to help ensure irrigation is applied at the right time, at the right rate, and down to the right levels. All of the data is secure with blockchain.

“Education is our biggest obstacle, so we are extra excited to reach out to farmers in three states that are new to us,” said Justin Jones, co-founder of BMP Logic. “Our hardware and technology make farming smarter and easier for growers. We often hear: ‘Had I known it would be so easy, I would have gotten the soil moisture probes years ago.’ The apprehension is understandable because in most cases, farmers have had to figure it out all by themselves. That is not the case with us. We coach all of our farmers so they will see all of the benefits.

”BMP Logic was founded in 2014 and has soil probes in three countries (including the U.S.) — on farms with a variety of crops.

For more information on IRIS or soil moisture probes, please call 352-224-9427.

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