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August 7, 2023
New and Upcoming
Review: Florida Young Farmers & Ranchers Program

The Florida Young Farmers & Ranchers Program: Networking, Education, Mentorship, Success.

June 26, 2023
New and Upcoming
Agriculture in Politics: Ag-FDA Appropriations Bill

The Senate is preparing for the farm bill by testing proposed amendments through the Ag-FDA appropriations bill, while also approving funding for USDA and FDA.

June 19, 2023
Water Logic
More Crop per Drop

Implementing water conservation measures in farming can lead to reduced fertilizer and fuel costs, improved crop yields, and potential market advantages. Water conservation is very important in agriculture where irrigation accounts for a substantial portion of water usage.

June 11, 2023
Plant Life
Runner Peanuts in Florida

Runner peanuts make up half of all peanut butter production in the united States and are the most popular variety grown in Florida.

May 5, 2023
BMP Logic Launches Innovative Software for Composting of Disease Infected Animals

BMP Logic a leading technology company specializing in innovative solutions for waste management, has announced the launch of its groundbreaking software and electronic sensors for composting of animals infected with Avian Flu and African Swine flu. This cutting-edge technology will revolutionize the way infected animal waste is managed, reducing the spread of these devastating diseases.

May 3, 2023
Plant Life
Lychee Fruit: A Specialty Crop in Florida's Agriculture Industry

Florida's agriculture industry is renowned for its production of a diverse range of fruits and nuts. In particular, lychee fruit has become increasingly popular in the state and has even made its way onto the menus of exotic gourmet restaurants.