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Know what’s going on in your
fields without being there.

Soil moisture probes combined with custom software make your job easier and your farm more economical and efficient. Save water, fuel, and fertilizer while monitoring your farm’s irrigation in the cloud with real-time data.

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Technology should make things easier, not give you another job.

As an already overworked farmer, you do not need another job to do on the farm. High-tech soil moisture probes make farming easier. Increasing costs and regulations demand an incredible amount of time and energy. Don’t let old, inefficient technology and a lack of water data hold you back.

You and your crops deserve better.

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High-tech soil moisture probes make farming easier.

Save time and energy

Maximize efficiency and lower bills

24/7 access to irrigation data

BMP Logic’s soil probes and services are helping farmers such as yourself be successful and eco-friendly. With 24/7 access to your farm’s irrigation data from anywhere in the world, you will have a better understanding of your daily water and fertilizer use — leading to a higher yield and lower bills.

Farmers in Florida can apply for cost-share with our help, saving at least 75% on each soil moisture probe.

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One soil moisture probe can save 6.5 million gallons to 10 million gallons of water per year depending on water usage and crop.

BMP Logic’s company leaders grew up on farms without soil moisture probes. They have been in situations where they did their best to guess how much irrigation was needed to yield the best crop, while also having to have someone else run to the farm to check on rain gauges. They’ve been where you are and know what you’re going through.

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How it works …

We help you install the probes & coach you all season long on the data.

Get the data and insights, learn what’s really happening on your farm, and make decisions that affect efficiencies in real-time.

Harvest the benefits of saving time and money while protecting our water resources.

Get Data 24/7 Anywhere You Are

Cloud-based platform
Near real-time data available 24/7
Make data-driven decisions

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Better Gear, Better Crop

No wires, easy install in minutes
All-weather probes have a long field life
Conserve water while improving crop

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Deep Understanding of Your Soil

Soil types determine water holding capacity and a plan of action!
Sand, silt or clay — we have a solution for you!

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Identify Root Depth

Optimize seasonal root development
Identify compaction layers (if any)

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It’s time to farm smarter and easier.

What BMP Does for You and Your Crops:

Our experts determine which type of soil moisture probe is perfect for your climate and crop, as well as how many are needed. The probes are installed slurry-free, and our experts coach you through the equipment and software. Once everything is calibrated, you learn first-hand what is happening at the root-level in real-time. Through our continuous education program, we guide you through any questions you come across that affect your irrigation and yield. We’re invested in your success.